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Feb 08

Why I Set An Alarm for 7:00 a.m. Every Morning

First of all, let me stress that this is not a persuasive or defensive argument. I’m not trying to persuade anyone that public school is the best option for children, and I also don’t feel like I need to defend why I choose to public-school instead of home-school my children. I think home schooling is a …

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Jan 28

Goodbye January!

This is not a week in which I would’ve won any parenting awards. It started off very well…Monday was a great day. Naomi was off to school, and I spent time with Rachel working on cutting and pasting pictures to make a collage. She is really getting good at her scissors skills. On Tuesday, right after …

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Dec 31

On New Year’s Eve

Last year at this time, we were living in Alabama. I didn’t know yet that I was pregnant (although we were hoping). We knew Tim was going to be looking for a new job soon, but I had no idea we were going to hear God’s call to bring us to Colorado! So much can change …

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Dec 30

Parenting styles…

I never considered parenting styles before we had our first baby. I was the first of my friends to get married, let alone have a baby, so it was not something that came up often. Now, 3 babies later, I think about parenting styles quite a lot. I read parenting books and magazines and blogs, and …

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Dec 26


Our church is going to start the new year with “40 Days of Prayer and Fasting.” No, I won’t be fasting from food, as I am still nursing Sarah. But Tim shared this quote with everyone at church today: “Fasting is abstaining from anything that hinders prayer.” (I can’t remember who said it.) What hinders me …

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Nov 23

Sarah, my baby princess

I have been thinking of this post for a long time. Sarah, my baby princess, and my joyful, happy camper. Sarah is now almost 3 months old, and she brings so much joy to our whole family. She is smiling now, huge grins at me, her sisters, Daddy, and her baby doll. She smiled at Naomi …

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Nov 08


I love seeing all the “thankful” statuses on Facebook lately. I haven’t posted one of my own yet, so here is my list of all the wonderful blessings I am thankful for. These are not in any kind of order at all! Healthy children, and especially a healthy labor, delivery & birth for Sarah Joy Indoor …

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Oct 27


When Naomi was a preschooler, she was not one to pull everything out of drawers or crawl into the forbidden kitchen cabinets. She didn’t put dangerous objects in her mouth or stick her fingers in the outlets. (She really didn’t prepare me much for raising Rachel as a toddler!) I would describe her as “careful.” She …

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Oct 25

The Road to Colorado: Day 2

Yesterday was moving day. Somehow, even though we were nowhere near ready to go, and many closets and rooms were not totally packed, we got everything either on the moving van or on the “donate truck” that was sent to Hannah Home. Nike Air Max 90 We couldn’t have done it on our own. nike …

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Oct 21

Will There Be Frosted Flakes in Colorado?

Today at breakfast, Naomi, our 6-year-old, asked me that question. It made me smile, and it made me glad that I could reassure her about this one thing–yes, there will be frosted flakes in Colorado! In the middle of all the other uncertainties (who is her new teacher going to be? etc), I could definitely …

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