Oct 25

The Road to Colorado: Day 2

Yesterday was moving day. Somehow, even though we were nowhere near ready to go, and many closets and rooms were not totally packed, we got everything either on the moving van or on the “donate truck” that was sent to Hannah Home. Nike Air Max 90 We couldn’t have done it on our own. nike tn We had so much help. I love the Duggar Family, even though I don’t watch the show anymore. I remember reading their book, and during one of their moves, they apparently had everything moved from one house and set up in the new house within half a day or something. I have always wanted an organized, smooth move. And we have moved plenty of times, so I’ve had lots of opportunities for practice. But it has never worked the way I envision it. Women Kevin Durant Where does all this stuff come from? We had a yard sale last weekend and got rid of furniture, about half of the kids’ toys, extra bedding, lots of kitchen accessories and miscellaneous dishes…everything we could find that we didn’t need anymore. But yesterday, even after the furniture was moved out and all the regular things were packed and on the van, we had boxes and boxes and piles of piles of “stuff.” Our not-so-organized moving day started at 3 a.m. when Tim finally went to bed, after staying up most of the night packing up our bedroom. Anyway, we all got up at 6:00 a.m. and friends started showing up to help move. Adidas Neo Rachel woke up and had thrown up during the night and was running a fever…of course I had packed the medicine cabinet already, so I didn’t have a thermometer, but I had forgotten to pack the children’s ibuprofen, yay. There were many wonderful moments during moving day: the people who looked at our house Thursday night came back to sign a rental lease, so we have renters! Also, neighbors brought muffins, lunch, sweet tea, cold drinks, a pair of bedroom shoes and five handbags. (Seriously! A sweet lady who lives across our street, whom I have never spoken to before but often see taking care of her flowers, brought me a pair of bedroom shoes and five purses that were left over from her yard sale the weekend before.) There were minor catastrophes, too. We thought Rachel’s favorite stuffed animal, “toy Calvin,” accidentally got packed in the back of the moving van. And being sick, she really wanted toy Calvin more than usual. Luckily he was later located in a pile of laundry. While cleaning out the pantry, Tim discovered a really rotten bag of potatoes (really really gross). Around 3 p.m., as the renters are here signing the lease, and while boxes and stuff are still scattered through the house, the carpet cleaners show up. We piled everything that was left in the kitchen so they could start working. At 4:00, the kids and I leave with my parents to go to their house, and as we are leaving the neighborhood I am sure I forgot my jewelry box (which has my wedding rings in it, because I can’t wear them anymore). ugg boots sale I can’t remember what box I put it in and I am panicked that it might have accidentally been put in the “donate” pile. We turn around and go back to the house. air jordan women Tim promises to look through the boxes that are in the “donate” truck. oakley garage rock sunglasses After we get to Tuscaloosa, I find the jewelry box in the bag I had packed to bring to my parents’ house, with my wedding rings inside. I c all Tim, who has not looked through the donate truck anyway, lol. So now on to today. rb3025 aviator large metal 003 3f We are having a great time with my mom and dad. Rachel is feeling better after seeing a doctor and getting some medicine. Naomi played all day long and never once did anyone ask her to pick up her toys. I am looking forward to this week! But I am already feeling homesick. It hit me yesterday, as we were leaving the house.

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