Jan 28

Goodbye January!

This is not a week in which I would’ve won any parenting awards. It started off very well…Monday was a great day. Naomi was off to school, and I spent time with Rachel working on cutting and pasting pictures to make a collage. She is really getting good at her scissors skills.

On Tuesday, right after Rachel and I had eaten lunch, I got a call from Naomi’s school nurse that she had tumbled off the slide during recess and hurt her lip. The nurse felt that she had bitten a piece out of her lip! Having never had a seriously injured child or seriously ill child, I was on the brink of panic as I tried to reach Tim and call the doctor’s office to see where we needed to take her.  Tim ended up taking her to the E.R. where she waited for 3 hours and received 14 stitches. I was home with the baby and Rachel…and going crazy…Naomi, I knew, was totally out of her element. She has never been to the doctor for an injury and really hasn’t been very sick ever in her life. I wanted to be with her, so badly. When she got home, I just held her on the couch until it was bedtime.

On Wednesday, we kept Naomi home from school so she could recuperate. Tim and I woke up sick. I lost my voice. Naomi did very well at home, with no pain, and was able to go back to school Thursday and Friday.

So, for the past three days, I have mostly been following little trails of cut-up construction paper throughout the house as Rachel continues working on her cutting techniques. I can’t even read books because my throat is sore and my voice is rather odd sounding. We didn’t make it to AWANA Wed.  night, and we didn’t make it to the playground to enjoy the warm weather. And we never got around to the letter “C.”

Thank goodness for Tim, who has been carefully caring for Naomi’s stitiches and cleaning them off regularly (an ordeal for everyone). Thank goodness also for Sarah, who is happy and healthy. Thank goodness for Rachel, who, though she has made quite a few messes this week, has been very sweet and happy and able to help me entertain the baby when I need an extra hand. Thank you to all the members of our church who called and visited to check on Naomi, and to all who prayed for us.

Monday we return to the doctor and hopefully they will be able to remove the stitches then! I am looking forward to a new week. And I’m not that sad at saying good-bye to January.

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