Oct 21

Will There Be Frosted Flakes in Colorado?

Today at breakfast, Naomi, our 6-year-old, asked me that question. It made me smile, and it made me glad that I could reassure her about this one thing–yes, there will be frosted flakes in Colorado! In the middle of all the other uncertainties (who is her new teacher going to be? etc), I could definitely promise the Frosted Flakes. The move is progressing and so is my pregnancy. nike air max pas cher Tim is now planning to load up the moving truck on Friday morning and head out later that afternoon. I am so thankful to the guys and girls that are coming to help put all the stuff in the van, especially in this awful heat they are predicting for Friday! Also, we found a prospective renter for our house last night, and it might very well work out that she will be moving in this weekend right after we leave. Adidas Noir If this does work out it would be a HUGE answer to a prayer as I had pretty much given up on finding anyone to buy or rent before our moving day. Naomi, Rachel, and I will be going to my parents’ house on Friday and staying with them until Aug. air jordan 8 3, when we catch our flight out to Denver. uggs for women The girls are excited about spending a week with Gaga and Granddaddy and getting to ride in an airplane. I am excited about avoiding the 23-hour-drive out to Ault. So that’s our Moving Update. Right now (Wednesday morning), it is hard to imagine that the house will actually be packed up by Friday morning. We are busy, not just with packing, but with my OBGYN appts, and playdates, and making sure we get to say good-bye to all our friends here. air jordan 28 I firmly believe in “people over things”…our stuff will get packed and we will get to Colorado, but I don’t know when or if Naomi will ever see her Alabama friends again. These last few times with friends are so special to me and I cherish every moment of them. nike pas cher And, of course, my nesting instinct is kicking in. I am now 34 weeks pregnant with baby Sarah Joy. Usually at this stage, I am setting up the crib bedding, wiping down and putting out our baby swing and pack’n’play, washing everything in Dreft, etc. But now, before we get to CO, pretty much all I have done is wash all of Sarah’s things. nike air huarache soldes I have them folded up according to type and size, and they are in storage containers so that they can be immediately placed in her dresser once we get to Colorado. I was in the middle of all this washing when Tim said there was no need to wash everything ahead of time, because he would do it once he got to CO (during the week before I get there). 2018 nike air max I was like, “NO! I need to do this! I need to do something to get ready for my baby!” These hormones are crazy. Air Jordan Son Of Mars My focus for the past several weeks, ever since we decided to make this crazy move and take this new job, has been on what needs to happen to get to Colorado and take care of Sarah. That’s more than enough to occupy my mind, and because of that, I realize that I am becoming very short-sighted. ugg boots cheap I am so focused on packing, moving, and having this baby that I have given very little thought to our new position in Colorado as a pastor, pastor’s wife, and 3 preacher’s kids! What is it like being a pastor’s wife? Is it like being a youth pastor’s wife? (probably not, I would guess.) Can my girls handle the pressure of being PKs? Now that the “end is in sight,” I am thinking of these things more. I pray that God will equip me for all the challenges ahead, both the ones I know about (trying to remember everyone’s name so I don’t hurt any feelings) and the many ones I am sure have not occurred to me. I really cannot overstate how thankful I am to our family and friends here, who have showered us with love and support, helped us with free babysitting for my many OBGYN appts so I don’t have to take 2 small kids with me every time I see the doctor, thrown us a baby shower for Sarah (she is going to be one well-dressed kid!), invited us to dinner, showed up to visit and spent the evening packing up our kitchen, devised creative ways to alter a bridesmaids’ dress so I could still wear it when I am nearly 9 months preggo, and I could go on and on with more examples.

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