Jun 10

Road trip ahead!

We are leaving in 2 days to drive to Alabama! It’s a 22-hour non-stop drive to my parents’ house, but we are breaking it up into 3 days on the road, taking into account that we’ll probably have to make many stops for the kids (7, 4, and 9 months). I am, of course, looking forward …

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Jun 06

Mother Gothel

The other day, Naomi, who is 7, and I were discussing “Tangled.” We were discussing the character of Mother Gothel and why she never let Rapunzel leave her tower. I think that Mother Gothel is a very complex character. She is sometimes kind to Rapunzel, and sometimes not. Rapunzel, likewise, has complicated feelings toward Mother Gothel. …

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Jun 03

Just Friday

Today was a great day, even though it started a little too early for me. Sarah woke me up at 6:22 so I gave her my cell phone to entertain her while I dozed off again. (If anyone ever gets an early morning call from Sarah, I apologize.) After breakfast Naomi worked on a story she …

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Jun 03

Summer Boredom or Relaxation…

I am a quiet person by nature. I like to be home, I like to have a regular routine to my day, I like to be able to get all my housework done without being rushed. Up until this summer, the kids have easily gone along with me, finding ways to play together and entertain themselves …

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May 31

Quivering or quiver-full…

What are gifts from God? Should we desire all those gifts? Should we then desire as much of those gifts as possible? Is not desiring a particular gift, or not allowing God to give you a gift, sinning? I love the Duggars on “19 Kids and Counting.” I can’t wait for the new season to start. …

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May 30

Afternoon Thunderstorms & Homemade Ice Cream

Seriously, for the past few days I have felt like I am in a movie about old-fashioned summers. Except for Facebook and the Internet, of course. Today was a great, quiet day. Sarah is still waking up quite a bit at night because of nasal congestion. We both were awake at 5:21 a.m., but then we …

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May 28

Small Towns

The last time Tim and I watched a “chick flick”–which he claims he was tricked into seeing, as if I would do that–it was Have You Heard About the Morgans? Or something like that. Anyway, this NYC couple was put into the Witness Protection Program and moved to a tiny town somewhere in Colorado. (It actually …

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May 27

Summer, day 1

Today was Naomi’s first day of summer break. Somehow, I feel like I’m on sumer break, too. No keeping up with homework or spelling words or reading lists. No setting an alarm clock in the morning (even though Sarah inevitably woke me up at 6:30 this morning anyway!) I am looking forward to summer. For one …

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Mar 31


Sarah is 7 months old today! She is a very happy baby. She loves to cuddle. She is exclusively breastfeed and is now also eating 3 meals a day. She’s almost 17 pounds and is 27″ long and is very healthy. She is sitting up by herself. And she absolutely doesn’t sleep through the night. …

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Feb 11

Time goes on

I admit that sometimes I wonder what life would be like if we did not have kids yet. The first thing that comes to mind is how CLEAN my home would be! Imagine only having to pick up after myself! And no one would suddenly decide to get out the Play Doh right after I finished …

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