May 06

Mother’s Day 2016

There are all kinds of moms. New moms, older moms, lonely moms, expectant moms, wishing-to-be-moms, bereaved moms, all who deserve to be remembered, honored and celebrated on Mother’s Day. This is written for some very special moms who didn’t plan to be moms, but who made a courageous choice in the face of a hard …

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Sep 22

What Is Pro-Life?

Being pro-life is more than being pro-birth. It’s more than being anti-abortion. It’s being supportive of everything that goes along with mothering, motherhood, pregnancy, infants, and children. (It’s being supportive of all life, actually, since everyone used to be a fetus!) Someone who is pro-life does not view pregnancy, birth, infancy, and children as inconveniences or …

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Aug 13

Go and stop, stop and go

This is dedicated to all the road construction workers. Thank you for doing a job I would NEVER want to do in the heat of the summer! Everyone, please be alert and follow the rules out there. We want to make sure all our workers go home safe at night!   Go and stop, stop and …

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Jun 28

Peace with all men

If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men. Romans 12:18   I want to get along with everybody. If you know me in person, you would probably agree that I am generally easy-going and not easily angered. If I think that I might have said something or done something …

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Jun 20

To My Father

Dear Dad, For 33 years I have watched you, and you have taught me. As an infant, though I do not remember, you taught me: Safety. Love. Security. When I later learned that God is our Father, I understood and embraced His love, because your example had prepared my heart. As a child, you taught …

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May 15


I guess that it’s not always typical to reflect on a past year in the middle of May, but if you have school-age children or are in school yourself, you might be like me, and your years run more August-May than January-December. (As a child of two teachers, the summer months have always been a strange timeless zone, …

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Oct 04

Today We Laughed

There is nothing like having a new baby that teaches me to live in the moment. I love to plan ahead, have routines, and make schedules. But every mom knows that baby doesn’t really care what’s on the schedule for the day. As much as I love being a manager of my home–I have to admit …

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Sep 21

Last Night I Cried

Last night I cried.  That’s not a very surprising statement for anyone who is a new mom. What’s probably more surprising is that last night was the first time I have cried since coming home from the hospital over a week ago. I don’t know if it was because I was just so relieved to still …

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Sep 18

Bethany’s Birth Story, Part 3: Recovery

  Tuesday night, after my surgery, I learned that the D&C had gone as expected. A portion of the placenta had been retained, and the surgeon had removed it, finished the curettage, and then had even come out to talk to Tim and let him know I would be out soon. But meanwhile, in the …

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Sep 18

Bethany’s Birth Story, Part 2: Tuesday Night

Bethany was born at 4:31 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 9. For the first 90 minutes after birth, everything was normal. Bethany and I were having skin-to-skin time, Tim was taking pictures, and Naomi (who stared out the window and refused to watch during delivery) turned around and came over to meet her new baby sister. …

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