Jun 03

Just Friday

Today was a great day, even though it started a┬álittle too early for me. Sarah woke me up at 6:22 so I gave her my cell phone to entertain her while I dozed off again. (If anyone ever gets an early morning call from Sarah, I apologize.) After breakfast Naomi worked on a story she has written about “Princess Naomi.” I found some preK and K workbooks on clearance the other day, and Rachel wanted to start working on those. By 9 a.m. I was feeling pretty proud of myself because the kids had already done such wonderful productive activities ­čÖé

I do have to confess that during Sarah’s morning nap the girls did watch “Tangled.”

I also set up the kids’ sand & water table for the first time this year in the backyard. However, we didn’t have any sand, so I just filled it with water. It’s better that way, because last year the sand & water table was really a mud table. During Sarah’s afternoon nap, they played outside and had a blast. Of course┬áthey got soaked. Rachel came inside saying that Naomi poured water on her “and that was not fun.” But she quickly added that she then poured water on her sister. Ha!

We walked down to the post office where we had a super exciting bank statement in our mailbox. Then we came home and Naomi got to play on the computer a little and we also read books. We have started the Summer Reading Program at the local library and it’s a little different than the ones I’ve done in the past. Instead of getting a reading log where the kids are supposed to write down the titles of the books they read, each girl has a sheet of paper and they put stickers on it every time they complete 15 minutes of reading. They are supposed to earn 10 stickers per week, so I have to make sure they get some reading time in the morning and again later in the day so they don’t get too far behind. So far today they have only read one time. I think when we leave for our road trip to Alabama, they will be getting a lot more reading done in the car!

Sarah keeps chewing on Naomi’s flip-flops, which I hate. She also chewed on some grass today while I was setting up the water table. She either has a rug burn or a sunburn on her knees, the fronts of her lower legs, and the tops of her feet. Since she hasn’t really been in the sun, I would say it’s rug rash from crawling, but it looks just like a sunburn! I feel so bad for the poor baby but she doesn’t seem to notice it.

Finally, tonight, Tim called while I was giving the kids a bath, and against my better judgment I handed the phone to Naomi so she could talk to him. ┬áSure enough, my phone dropped into the tub. Now I’m ready for bedtime and “mommy time.”

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