May 30

Afternoon Thunderstorms & Homemade Ice Cream

Seriously, for the past few days I have felt like I am in a movie about old-fashioned summers. Except for Facebook and the Internet, of course. Today was a great, quiet day. Sarah is still waking up quite a bit at night because of nasal congestion. We both were awake at 5:21 a.m., but then we took a nap and didn’t get up until 8:45. The day seemed to go by very fast, probably because I slept through half the morning. Since Sarah got her cold, each night seems to get a little easier, so I have high hopes for tonight!

I made French toast for breakfast, but by the time I had fed Sarah and showered and, of course, checked up on Facebook, it was 11:30, so it was really more like lunch. I used some farm fresh eggs given to us by a church member, and some organic milk, but then I loaded it down with maple syrup and confectioner’s sugar. Oh well on the health factor. After lunch, Tim came home, and we all enjoyed a great thunderstorm. It rarely thunderstorms out here, and I was quite excited. We all went out on the front porch and watched the rain and hail and listened to the thunder. We didn’t see any lightning, though. And then the girls got to splash in some puddles.

For dinner, we went over to our wonderful neighbor’s house and had wings, burgers and homemade ice cream. We also got to play Rook for the first time since we’ve moved to Colorado!!

Tomorrow, it’s off to the library.

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