Oct 16

In celebration of 3-year-olds

I have decided to make this post all about Rachel, my 3-year-old, as the first of a series of blogs dedicated to each of my children. The main point of this is personal, so that I will remember life as it is now, since I am not keeping up with the baby books and scrapbooks like I used to! Today, I was squished between Naomi and Rachel in the back of our van because Tim’s parents were with us as we drove through the Rocky Mountains. Rachel asked me very seriously, “Do I have to take my shoes off when I die?” I did what I always do when I don’t know how to answer my kids’ questions about life, death, or difficult spiritual matters–I look to my husband, the pastor. ugg boots He is laughing in the rearview mirror. I say, “What do I say to that?” He says, “Tell her yes.” So I say, “Yes, you take your shoes off.” She replies, “So they won’t get wet?” AHA! See, Rachel is a very brilliant child. A few weeks ago Tim was discussing baptism and Rachel was in the room and overheard him explain that, when being baptized, going under the water represents dying to your self and coming back up out of the water represents becoming a new person in Christ. Two weeks ago, Rachel also saw a baptism take place in our church–she saw two girls go into a big tub of water and get wet–and now, logically, wants to know if she will have to take her shoes off when she “dies” or is baptized. I just love moments like this as a mom. Rachel is learning to count and it often goes like this, “16, 17, 18, 18, a hundred!” She likes to sing “Do you know the monkey man?” And then she asks me what his name is. I’m like, I don’t know. air jordan hydro He lives on Mulberry Lane. She excitedly told me a few days ago that Sarah (our six-week-0ld infant) said her first word. air jordan 1 soldes It was “ahhh.” Rachel went to Disney World when she was 20 months old. Today she asked me if I remember going to Disney World, and when we came back to the hotel, that all of her stuffed animals were in the window (where the housekeeping staff had arranged them for us). It is kind of scary to me that children remember things that happened that long ago. I also recently uploaded pictures from my camera onto the computer. I found several that Rachel had taken…like maybe 100…ok maybe not that many, but quite a few. nike air trainer I loved seeing how the world looks to her. Most of Rachel’s shots were, alas, deleted, but I saved some of my favorites. air jordan kids Here they are: Rachel’s favorite red shoe: Rachel's favorite shoe Footed pajamas: Rachel's footed pajamas Rachel capturing our cat Calvin in mid-flight as he leaps from the couch, resulting in a rather unflattering angle: Rachel capturing a picture of our cat Calvin as he leaps off the couch, resulting in this unflattering angle Our ceiling fan: Looking out our front window: Rachel’s doggie bank, one of her favorite toys: One of her favorite toys Rachel, I never want to forget how you are as a 3-year-old. nike dynamo You are bouncy, loud, playful, imaginative, inquisitive. You sometimes take naps, but sometimes during naptime I peek into your room and find you siting on the bed amidst a pile of books, which makes me smile. You like to help Daddy cook. nike air force 1 ac femme You usually pick up your toys if I ask you to. Your favorite toy is a stuffed white tiger named Toy Calvin. oakley holbrook You are very serious about which toys and movies are for “girls” and which are for “boys.” Your best friend is your big sister Naomi. You love your new baby sister and like to give Sarah her pacifier whenever she cries, whether she wants it or not. new balance shoes You were, until recently, scared of Veggie Tales. (who knew??) You are extremely affectionate and love hugs. You are happy that I can pick you up now that I am not pregnant.

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