Oct 02

Midnight Visitor

This is a real conversation that happened late last night. basket nike tn soldes I had gone to bed around 11, nursed Sarah, chaussure air jordan and we were both falling asleep. I hear the door to the bedroom open. I squint towards the door, cheap ugg boots which isn’t helpful because I can’t see anything without my glasses. oakley sale 2014 A small person comes over to the bed. adidas yeezy boost (I will not reveal identities to protect myself from backlash when the said child is a teenager and realizes I blogged about this event.) Me: “Who is that?” Child: “There is a wet spot about this big (demonstrates with hands) in our bed.” Me: “Well, nike air max command what is it?” Child: “I don’t know if we spilled water or if someone peed.” We get up and go to the bedroom. There is definitely a pee spot on the bed. air max 2016 I say, Adidas Zx pas cher “Well, nike soldes did someone pee?” Child: “I don’t know.” Me: “Well, whose panties are wet?” Child: “Well,

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