Jun 05

My House is Clean Enough…

I don’t write much poetry, but this came to me while sweeping the floor…

A Mother’s Home

My house is clean enough; I don’t think you’ll get sick
If your cookie falls to the floor and you pick it up real quick.

But don’t open any closet doors! Don’t look in any dresser drawers!
Don’t judge me by the laundry that is piled upon the floors.
Don’t check for dishes in the sink, don’t look under any beds!
Ignore the dust on the piano, and all the clutter–instead–

See the toys upon the floor, the library books dropped by the door;
the crayon drawings on the wall, the crooked pictures in the hall;
Hear the children as they play with sidewalk chalk on a summer’s day;
and see the glitter and the glue on cut-out hearts that say, “I love you.”

My house may only be clean enough…but it is bursting out with love!

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