Jul 13

I have a midwife!

Well ladies…because I assume most of you reading are ladies…I am super excited about having finally lined up prenatal/labor & delivery care in Colorado.  A lot of the places I called were not taking new patients, so I was getting pretty stressed. Yesterday, the last practice I called had an opening, and they were able to get me an appointment for 2 days after I arrive. The practice has an OBGYN and 3 midwives, and since the doctor was not taking new patients, I am now a patient of midwives.

I have never used a midwife, mostly because it’s just not very common (or even LEGAL) down here in Alabama! However, from what I understand from my visit to Colorado and speaking to people who live there, about half of pregnant women use midwives there. And the midwives practice under an OBGYN and deliver in hospitals, where you can have all your usual medications (I specifically asked about epidurals!) and where a doctor is available if you need any type of emergency surgery.  And the midwife stays with you during your entire labor! I love Alabama dearly, but I have to say that on the pro/con list I am putting “birth options” on Colorado’s “pro” side.

So…I am wondering if any of you have ever used a midwife, and, if so, how did it go? And if you haven’t used one, have you ever considered it?

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