May 06

Mother’s Day 2016

There are all kinds of moms. New moms, older moms, lonely moms, expectant moms, wishing-to-be-moms, bereaved moms, all who deserve to be remembered, honored and celebrated on Mother’s Day. This is written for some very special moms who didn’t plan to be moms, but who made a courageous choice in the face of a hard circumstance. Whether these moms chose to parent alone or to place their child up for adoption, please hear my heart as I say “thank you” for choosing life.


Here’s to You

Here’s to you, the mom who

didn’t know what to do

when two pink lines stared back at you.


Here’s to you, the mom who

cried and said, “This can’t be true

There are too many things I need to do–

The dad’s not here–my school’s not through–

How will I take care of you?”


Here’s to you, the mom who

dried her tears and raised her chin.

And chose to begin again.

Chose to love and chose to give

her heart to someone new.


Here’s to you, the mom who

watched as her belly grew–

and labored all the hours through–

and brought forth someone new.


Here’s to you, the mom who

made a new life, together as two.

Or made another’s dream come true,

and went home alone,

heart unglued.


Here’s to you, the mom who

was scared and brave and lonely too

and found the courage to see it through,

found the courage to bring forth someone new.

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