Sep 22

What Is Pro-Life?

Being pro-life is more than being pro-birth. It’s more than being anti-abortion. It’s being supportive of everything that goes along with mothering, motherhood, pregnancy, infants, and children. (It’s being supportive of all life, actually, since everyone used to be a fetus!) Someone who is pro-life does not view pregnancy, birth, infancy, and children as inconveniences or distractions or just a hard phase of life to ‘get through’. Sure, sometimes babies come at inconvenient times! But pro-life figures out a way to work with our blessings, however unexpected or untimely they may seem. In reality, if we all waited until things were 100% perfect to have a baby, there wouldn’t be many of us around.

When Tim and I got married, I was just starting my junior year of college. We found out I was pregnant in March of my spring semester. I remember getting some varied feedback from those on campus. I was taking an elective dance class (just for fun), and one day I didn’t participate due to the style of dance being ill-advised for pregnancy. Afterwards some of the girls asked if I was OK, and I said yes, I was just pregnant. I got some very pitiful looks! I remember telling my college advisor I planned to stay in class instead of taking any time off, even though Naomi was due in the middle of the fall semester of my senior year. I was convinced if I took any time off from college, I just wouldn’t go back at all! And I remember feeling so, so self-conscious walking around campus with a huge belly and swollen fingers that wouldn’t fit my wedding rings.

But I also remember the last day of one of my English courses in my spring semester. I was an English major, and this was a higher-level class with a professor that I had enjoyed very much. I was only a few months along and not really showing yet. Class that day was very relaxed because it was the last class before summer and all our work had already been completed. The professor asked everyone what their plans were for next year. When I told the class that my husband and I had found out we were expecting a baby due next November, I was kind of expecting dead silence. But my professor’s face lit up in a huge grin. “Wow! That’s great!”

That’s all he said, and then we moved on. I never took another of his classes and I didn’t keep in touch. Sadly, I can’t remember his name now. But so many times, so many times, I have remembered his excitement when I announced our pregnancy. I remember how he grinned, and was genuinely happy for me.

That is being pro-life.

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  1. Whomever

    “Someone who is pro-life does not view pregnancy, birth, infancy, and children as inconveniences or distractions or just a hard phase of life to ‘get through’.”

    Have you ever thought, that by imposing such “high standards” and demonizing those who are trying to “get through” a difficult stage with their children, that you are perhaps adding to the pressure on mothers – a pressure that may be behind what causes women to abort their children in the first place?

    How does this stack up with the other missive you wrote where you praise a Mom who has a child and then puts it up for adoption? And are you seriously claiming that you’ve never had a hard phase with your kids that you’ve felt you had to “get through”?

    This reeks of falsehood.

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