Aug 13

Go and stop, stop and go

This is dedicated to all the road construction workers. Thank you for doing a job I would NEVER want to do in the heat of the summer! Everyone, please be alert and follow the rules out there. We want to make sure all our workers go home safe at night!


Go and stop, stop and go

It’s roadwork season in Colorado

The snow is gone! Hurry, while there’s time

Gotta fix those winter potholes while the sun shines.


So if you’re going west on Hwy 14,

I hope you remembered a movie for the kiddos.

And leave the travel cup at home.

There are no bathrooms, nor even a bush,

Out here on the high plains of Colorado.


North to Cheyenne isn’t any faster,

So you make an alternate route.

“Recalculate,” says your GPS

as it tries to get you back to the highway on the map.


And if you are traveling south to Greeley,

You still aren’t free of those cones.

Make sure to put your a/c on recirculate

So the smell of money doesn’t get too strong.


But a little longer for your commute

Does’t have to be a bad thing.

Just think–

I thought of this rhyme

While passing the time

Stuck in traffic on 85.

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