Oct 20

To My Father

With a newborn Bethany

With a newborn Bethany

Dear Dad, For 33 years I have watched you, and you have taught me. As an infant, though I do not remember, you taught me: Safety. ugg classic mini cheap Love. Security. When I later learned that God is our Father, I understood and embraced His love, because your example had prepared my heart. As a child, you taught me: Swimming. Riding a bike. How not to wear shorts when working with wet cement. nike soldes running (And, oh my goodness, how to hold a pencil correctly.)  
Granddaddy and Sarah

Granddaddy and Sarah

  As a teen, you taught me: A good work ethic. Keeping my commitments. The value of an education. The importance of saying you’re sorry. ugg bailey bling uk And when I messed up–every time I messed up–you taught me grace, forgiveness, and reconciliation. nike air flight huarache   As a college student, I watched you care for your mother, my beloved Grandmother, when she came to live with us as her dementia progressed. I learned a lifetime in those few years she was with us. adidas outlet When she needed to move in with us, and we didn’t have an extra room, I learned sacrifice. Daily, hourly, I learned patience. When Grandmother picked out a can of beer from the refrigerator one morning, and you humored her, I learned it was OK to choose your battles. Most of all, I learned that love is action. That love finds a way to care for the family, even when it is unexpected, inconvenient, or unpleasant. And when Grandmother could no longer live with us, I learned that there is a time when love has to let go.  
Real men wear bows in their hair sometimes.

Real men wear bows in their hair sometimes.

  As an adult now, and parent myself, I am still learning from you. You are teaching me the importance of enjoying my children. I watch you when you come to visit us now–as soon as you are in the door, you’re on the floor with the kids, putting together a puzzle or playing with dolls. The message you are telling me, unspoken, is this: “They grow up. air jordan retro Whether you believe it will happen or not…they will. new balance 446 Then they will be gone. Adidas Neo Leave the suitcases in the car for a minute. Leave the dinner on the table. If it’s cold, it can be reheated. adidas uk Play with them.”   I love you, Dad. Today and every day, I am thankful you are here, in my life and in the lives of my children.

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  1. Katy

    What a beautiful tribute to your father, Audra! You have had an amazing example to learn from.

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