Oct 04

Today We Laughed

There is nothing like having a new baby that teaches me to live in the moment. I love to plan ahead, have routines, and make schedules. But every mom knows that baby doesn’t really care what’s on the schedule for the day. As much as I love being a manager of my home–I have to admit that, at least for now, it’s really the newborn who’s in charge.

Rachel, Joanna, and Sarah at our town's

Rachel, Joanna, and Sarah at our town’s “International Food Festival.”

This past week, I slowly added more of our regular activities back into our schedule. We had good days and trying days. Here’s what we’ve been up to:


Tuesday morning, we went back to storytime at the library. Bethany let me shower, do basic chores, and get the other kids ready, all well before 10:00 a.m. At the library, she slept the whole time–a good librarian’s granddaughter.


Wednesday, the only reason the kids got dressed, and I got a shower, was because a friend came by and held the baby for me. Bethany was in a different mood that morning!


Enjoying a soda at the Food Festival--and it's not even

Enjoying a soda at the Food Festival–and it’s not even “Soda Sunday”


Thursday, I went back to my weekly women’s Bible study group for the first time. Bethany, who normally sleeps like an angel (4-6 hour stretches at night since we brought her home from the hospital!), decided to wake up around 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning and not go back to sleep until 3:30–and then she decided to wake up again at 5:00 a.m. She took a “nap” at 6:00 a.m. but of course that’s when I had to get up. I had a cup of coffee that morning at Bible study, but it was totally worth it.


Friday morning, I took the 3 little ones on a walk to the local bank. Bethany was happy in the stroller, but as soon as we got inside, she cried the whole time we were there. Screamed may be more accurate.  While I’m filling out the deposit slip, writing a check, and fielding “help” from the well-meaning bank employees (who probably just wanted us to leave). Oh, and Joanna decided to take her shoes off in the lobby. Of course as soon as we got out the door, she fell asleep.


Today (Saturday), Tim had to leave super early to help set up our church’s booth at the town’s “International Food Festival.” (Did you know a town of 1600 people has an international festival?) I’d be on my own with all 5 kids for most of the day. How would it go? Well, first of all, everyone slept in until 8:00 a.m. This is considered “sleeping late” by most parents. Bethany had a fantastic night–she only woke up once, and was back asleep right away after nursing. When we finally woke up, we got up slowly.  Four of the kids were snuggled into my bed and we just cuddled (Sarah, Rachel, and Joanna) and nursed (Bethany) for over half an hour. Just before lunch, we walked over to the festival. For 2 hours we ate nachos, egg rolls, Navajo fry bread, and of course, the “international” cotton candy. I let the kids have sodas and balloons. Generally, I just spoiled them a bit.





It has been a great day. It has been fun. It probably won’t be repeated tomorrow. But right now, my typical daily goals are to get necessary chores done, get everyone fed, and keep everyone reasonably clean. This morning was a wonderful reminder to me that life is also fun; that transitional times are in deed transient; and that laughter is healing.

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